Restaurants & Bars

Kervansaray Kundu Beach brings you the most delicious dishes from the international cuisine with its Ultra All Inclusive System. In addition to the Main Restaurant appealing to all palates, the Seafood, Turkish and Italian A la Carte Restaurants offer you a wide range of delicacies of different cultures. 
There are 3 different A la Carte Restaurants available for our valuable guests at Kervansaray Kundu Beach. You may use one of our A la Carte Restaurants once during your stay but it may be possible for you to try other delicacies offered by our A la Carte Restaurants depending on availability and the duration of your vacation. You need to make reservations for our A la Carte Restaurants with marvelous service and aura.
These unsurpassed venues will turn your special days and celebrations into unforgettable moments with friendly service quality, excellent service and surprises.
Different touches and visual beauties, as well as the stones which they are named after, were meticulously chosen to the minute detail on the path to your heart.

Our personnel serving our guests at our Main Restaurant will add color and delicacy to your dining time with the beverages they will serve from the Restaurant Bar with friendly and high quality hospitality.

You will not notice how the time passes, when conversing with your family and friends at the lobby which will welcome you with different sofa sets on an area of 230m² and a distinctive architectural concept combining the light and glass beyond your experience. It is a pleasant venue with unique service of beverages and coffee & cake service in the afternoons.

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